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Your Moroccan host family

Living with a Moroccan host family is probably the best and

most effective way to become fully immersed into the language and culture of Morocco. All families are carefully selected and lives in the city centre. However, you should also have realistic expectations and be flexible in adjusting to the local customs, standard of accommodation and Moroccan daily life.

All bed linens and pillows will be provided, however your family does not provide a laundry service, they may allow you to use the laundry facilities.

The families you will be living with are originally Moroccan there ancestors has been living in the country many centuries so you will be discovering the real Moroccans. You will be amazed

about the way of life here, usually the day begins with a trip

to the local market to shop for fresh produce and meat to use for one of the great meals.

Delicious Moroccan meals

You will be experiencing all kinds of delicious Moroccan food and you will be amazed about all the different tastes and scents.

The Moroccans are very modest and are great hosts trying to make the person living with them comfortable, so you feel like you are one of the family.

Your hosts will make sure that you will have great fun, and

the area you will be living in is the famous historical city

centre of Rabat within walking distance to the Royal palace,

the port, the world famous Hassan tower and all the

sandy beaches of Rabat.



We offer you accommodations with or without a meal plan,

and single or double rooms.

We really recommend the accommodation option with a meal plan. for a very affordable surcharge you will experience 3

meals a day homemade by your hosting family.


If you have any further questions about the hosting families or the facilities,please feel free to contact us.


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